Language services from A to Z



I craft an English-language version of your text while keeping the feel and focus of the original. You want your readers to get to know your product and your message, not be distracted by the wording.



Sometimes a traditional translation just doesn’t fit, often due to key cultural differences. This is where transcreation comes in! Transcreation is a process through which German language materials are re-imagined or “re-booted” into English from scratch to avoid “hiccups” or “relics” that can cause your reader confusion. I look at the core of your message, then work with you to craft a new version that is tailored to have the greatest impact on your English-speaking audience. Transcreation is one of the most effective ways to make your text come across as though it were written by a native speaker – because, effectively, it is.


Language Strategy Consulting

Every situation is unique, and sometimes you’re not quite sure how best to go about handling your translation needs. Perhaps you’d like some help prioritizing what needs translation when the budget allows. Perhaps you’d like to create a controlled vocabulary that you can use both internally for clarity among your staff and for external communications to keep a uniform message. I can arrange for sessions via teleconference, virtual conferencing platforms, or in person at your location anywhere in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or beyond. I would love to work together with you to design a customized solution, unique to your product and your market, while providing you the individualized customer care that you deserve!



I also maintain a global network of trusted colleagues working into and out of other languages and in other specialized fields. I am happy to help you find the highest quality solutions to meet your specific needs.